Thursday, 12 January 2012

Mister Bianco - Melbourne, 285 High Street, Kew - Melbourne

The First Date:

Everyone, there is a new man in my life.  His name is Mister Bianco and he has filled my empty heart broken by Mr Svago after he abandoned me.

He also hits the same spot as Svago ... in Kew.
He is a modern Italian with an extensive menu on offer and followed by the same old Kew groupies as Mr Svago.

He likes shared dishes. We had a pescatarian on the table, unfortunate in the minds of some, but no issue with Mister Bianco. 

He said we should start with some arancini with spinach, provolone cheese and chilli (soft and sensuous), followed by zucchini flowers fried with basil, carrot, almond salad and saffron cream (the carrot was an interesting twist), then baccala and potato croquettes with lemon and parsley sauce (moist). Good choices Mister!

The best dish, however, and although this is wanky thing to say, perhaps my 'fave' of the moment, was burrata with a roasted butternut pumpkin salad, black rice fritters, candied walnuts and rocket. The burrata melted like my heart in the centre; boy does this man knows how to swoon a woman.

Next was tuna capaccio which my friend says is one of the best she has ever had. Some big statements all round for my new fella.

We finised with cavatelli which is a semolina gnocchi with prawns, mussels, peas, lemon and basil sauce - delicate and tasty.

Desserts were also really lush and lovely.

This man does not expect a lot of money, only around $65 for a night and it is over in a few hours.

Can't wait to go home and tell my dad about this one - he is a winner.
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The Second Date:

My second date with Mr Bianco faired quite well but he did not perform as well as the first time.

His dishes lacked the va va voom of the burrata and pasta of last time

His wagyu meatballs were good. But his pork did not really turn me on.



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