Sunday, 25 September 2011

Cavallini - Melbourne - 354 Queens Pde, Clifton Hill

This is my local for a coffee - every weekend. But it is more than that. Cavallini has an old world sort of French feel to it with both indoor and outdoor eating. The baguettes are fantastic as are pretty much all the cakes that I have made my way through. Oh and the coffee is very good.

It is actually the best place in Clifton Hill for a feed. Good for the owners because it draws a crowd and the margins must be good as the nothing here is cheap.

But this is a bad wrap for Clifton Hill.  This is my whinge - why with all the great eats around in every suburb like Fitzroy and Northcote does no one ever think to open up a memorable joint in Clifton Hill. I get excited every time a new place opens and just on entry my heart is broken every time.

To all the great chefs out there or the new up and comings - Clifton Hill is a place to pillage - think about it.

Rating for Cavallini - 8/10
Rating for Clifton Hill: 1/10 - get a move on please!

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